Primary Staff: Fr Aloysius Pieris, s.j., Dr. Sheila Fernando
Assistant Researcher: Mrs. Krishani Perera


1. Research and Encounter
Research  at three levels:

a) Indological (Indic languages, literature, religions and philosophies);

b) Anthropological,  i.e. study of the socio-political context of both cosmic and metacosmic religions in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in Asia through field-work and visits. Tulana has made about 1,000 diapositives which illustrate this aspect of Asian religiosity made by Fr Aloy during his field work both here and  abroad.

c) Theological, with a view to forging an Asian theology on the basis of  “a” and “b” above within the context and on the solid foundation of Biblical Revelation (rather than the basis of the traditional theology).

Encounter  at three levels:

a) informal encounters through an ‘Open House” policy and hospitality.

b) formally organized encounters in the form of seminars on various fields of knowledge and praxis:

(i) Themes: bible study courses; Buddhism, Christianity and comparative religions; liberation theology; theology of religions; feminism; social analysis (which, Fr Aloy has now handed over to  Fr Sarath, after the latter joined Tulana as the Social Animator); the ethnic issue and inter-racial justice; theology of religious life and vows as well as priestly ministry, etc.

(ii) Target groups: (Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim,  non-religious) school teachers, workers, trade unionists, peasant leaders, youth in general and university students in particular, seminarians and pastors of all denominations.

In Depth Encounters

For spiritual animation: retreats, specially for those who have made an option for the poor; practical lessons in mindfulness and insight-meditation etc. and counseling.

2. Providing Research Facilities: 

a) Three Libraries: (i) on Christian theology and Western Culture and Philosophy; (ii) Indology (including Sinhala translations of world’s classics as well as Sinhala classics);  (iii) The Fr. S. G. Perera Memorial library proper, on Asian and Sri Lankan History from ancient times to modern times.

b)  Guidance : Fr Aloy  is sought by scholars here and abroad for research guidance in post-graduate and post-doctoral work. He has also been serving as a thesis director and examiner in Kelaniya University, both in the Post Graduate Institute of Pali Buddhist Studies and in the Dept of Western Culture and Christian Studies.

3. Publications:

Books / Journals / Articles [see PUBLICATIONS page and STAFF BIBLIOGRAPHIES page]